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Descubra nuestro resumen de paseos, excursiones, ciclismo y muchas más actividades para conocer en Matarraña y de su exuberante naturaleza.

Festivities and traditions of our area

Festivities and traditions of our area
At La Fresneda we have a special commitment to keep alive festivals and traditions that we like to share with all our visitors. This is the calendar:

  • January
Day 17, San Antonio, with a great bonfire in the Plaza Mayor. The diablets that go out to chase the village children through the streets and porches are very popular. Day 5, Calderons drag all the children around town to make sure the Kings don't pass by.
  • February
Weekend closest to day 5, Santa Agueda.Great party of all the women of the town with various activities throughout the day.
  • Easter week
Holy Saturday, Antiques, Numismatics, Philately, Arts and Crafts Fair. Good Friday, at noon Break of the hour. Starting at 10 p.m. Procession of the Dolorosa with drums.
  • May
First weekend, pilgrimage to Santuario de la Virgen de Gracia.
  • August
Days 24, 25 and two more days including Saturday: Major Festivities in honor of San Bartolomé and San Felicísimo.
  • September
Day 8, Virgen de Gracia, patron saint of this town .. It is a local festival that we liven up with a popular meal.
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