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  • XV century - Born "El convento"
  • 1613 - Trasfered to "La Fresneda"
  • In Time
  • 1930 - Acquisition
  • 1999 - "Hotel El Convent"
History El convent 1613
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Our History

We are a family from the Matarraña that in the year 1999 decided to change the destiny of their lives and embark on a new and perilous adventure. To open the doors of this unique building and share it with all those travelers wanting to discover the charms of a wonderful area like this region.

To do this we had a family home with more than four centuries of history, many ideas and above all illusion. A lot of illusion.

We got down to work, and after much effort and determination, we managed to convert the old stone walls into amazing architectural winks that, today, have become watchwords of this great project. We were able to convert the forgotten remains of a church in a daring glazed patio that has returned to life their bows and chapels!

The convent, built in 1613, was destroyed by the confiscation of the nineteenth century, and with changes in owners also changed the use of the building.Its stones entered a spiral of decline... After many decades, what once were chapels of worship and presbyteries, had finished transforming into stables and corrals.

A family ancestor acquired the building shortly before the Second Republic, about 1930, to convert it into a home for their future generations. It continued this way during the rest of the twentieth century, going from grandparents to parents, and parents to childrens.

However, what the time could not be forgotten was the soul of the convent. Despite decades of being hidden the paintings and capitals, got recovered from their splendor of yesteryear.

That's how it happened that the convent reopened its footsteps in history, and was able to reveal to Mariano and Ignacia [owners] that it should come back to life.

And this is our little story. It almost just begun, and we want to be long and happy.
We are Mariano, Ignacia, Ana Marta, Elena, Sara and Diana, and The Convent is our hotel.

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