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The Salt of la Portellada

The Salt of la Portellada

Distance 21km round trip - Duration of the tour:

icon car By car: 0:30 minutes
icon hike On foot: 4:30 hours 
[Easy / Medium Difficulty]
icon bike Bicycle: 3 hours 
[Difficulty: Easy]

Recommendations: Bring to water
Recommended time: Any time, although in Spring the river usually has a higher flow and the waterfall is more spectacular.
Difficulty:None. Crossing the channel of the Tastavins can mean getting our feet wet.

Leaving from La Portellada we head towards El Portillo, a pass through which we enter the Tastavins basin. From there there is the option of ascending to the top of Sant Pere Mártir (730 m) with great views, especially towards La Portellada and the Tastavins valley. It can be climbed by track, suitable for vehicles, or by a path. Above
highlights the curious geodesic vertex, within which the image of the saint is located. To get to the Salt de la Portellada we will take the road to Valderrobres. When we have traveled 1.2 kilometers, a track starts to the right, perfectly signposted.

Take the track and follow it, descending for 1,500 meters, to access the top of this curious 20-meter high jump, where a layer of sandstone has created a large overhang over which the river falls in free fall. River erosion has molded the stratum creating curious shapes.

Crossing the river may mean having to get your feet wet, but if this is the case, it will mean that the waterfall is with abundant flow, so it will be even more worth it. On the right bank a path leads down to the pool where the waterfall falls. There are several blocks of rock that have been detached from the cantilever.

It will be easy to see there various birds that nest in the escarpments such as airplanes, swallows and bee-eaters, as well as others linked to the aquatic environment: wagtails and sandpipers. If we walk along the river bed we may discover otter tracks. The most typical are their droppings, which are made up of clumps of fish bones. Unmistakable!.

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