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The parrizal of Beceite

The parrizal of Beceite

About 23 kilometers from La Fresneda is El Parrizal, a gorge of the Matarraña River that would go unnoticed if it were not for the deep canyon of 200 meters in length, 60 in height and only 2 in width. It is a limestone rock relief dominated by large rocky faults, waterfalls and natural wells, transparent waters and native forests.

Distance 23 kms Buy your ticket by clicking here
Duration of the tour:

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 By car: 35 minute drive

  • Difficulty: low / medium.
  • Elevation meters: 250 m.
  • Time: 5 hours

How to get to el parrizal from Hotel & Restaurant El Convent 1613


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The Parrizal of Becite

The Matarraña river gorge, also known as The Parrisal offers us natural places of great attraction and a mountainous landscape of steep limestone formations. The Natural Hunting Reserve of the Ports of Tortosa y Beceite protects a large part of the mountains, ravines, valleys and rivers of the region. They are home to a spectacular flora and fauna typical of a fluvial environment.

Although it does not show evidence of it, the Matarraña River is one of the Mediterranean-type river systems with the greatest biological diversity in Europe, having been cataloged more than 300 species algae, more than 200 aquatic invertebrates, and about 200 vertebrates. In addition, it is a region with great historical value, since in this area, near the river we can admire some hitorical paintings.

The route runs parallel to the river Matarraña and sometimes we will advance along some wooden walkways anchored in the rock and we will arrive at the Straits, where to continue we will have two options, swim across a series of badinas or leave the river bed and use the passage equipped with the Romeret,suitable for beginners. This excursion is very popular, short and aquatic, recommended especially in summer.
The Parrisal marks the source of the Matarraña river that gives its name to the region, forming a deep canyon two hundred meters long, sixty high and two wide. It is a limestone rock relief where streams and springs abound. These are large rocky faults, waterfalls and natural wells, transparent waters and native forests. As you move down the gorge, the canyon walls take each time more height and verticality,sometimes forming spectacular needles.

Are the famous gubies (limestone rocks of grayish and orange colors, with vertical shapes with a sawtooth appearance due to erosion). The canyon walls eventually come to noticeably approach each other, leaving a rift some twenty meters wide and more than one hundred high:: the straits of the Parrisal.


From Beceite we will follow the signs that indicate the Parrissal. We will pass by el Azud, an area that is temporarily closed in summer creating a large natural pool. Along the track we will also find a path that will take us to the forts of Cabrera, remains of defense towers from the first Carlist war, where Beceite was the headquarters of these troops. The track ends at Pla de la Mina Maruja, the picnic area where we will start the excursion.

The road becomes a path and immediately we see the first walkways. Then a cable will help us to follow the path. It is common in this area for people to get their feet completely wet, especially when the low water with force and this will not be the only time we have to wade the river. The journey passes placidly alternating the two margins until the Badina Negra, where some precarious footbridges help us to overcome the river again. From here we go into the forest with pine trees holm oaks and ferns.We follow the GR brands.

The last complication is a huge chaos of rocks that are the anteroom of the strait. We are in the anteroom of Gúbies del Parrisal. From this point the path disappears and there is only the option of entering the icy waters for approximately 200 meters. In the narrowest part of the gorge. This option is only recommended with the use of neoprene suite or in summer. 
We start the return and return to the same route.

 Complete tour on the Parrizal trail:
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