Green Way - Val de Zafan

LA VÍA VERDE DE LA VAL DE ZAFÁN: A tour to enjoy an area of ​​incredible beauty and exuberant nature. An activity for the whole family or even for the most enthusiastic athletes.

The Vía Verde del Zafán offers one of the most pleasant trips a traveler could wish for. The road covers more than a hundred kilometers from the highlands of Teruel to the Ebro delta, offering a varied catalog of landscapes, a bunch of monumental towns and some of the greatest railway infrastructures on which to roll.

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¿What are the Greenways?

The Greenways are old railway lines that in the past were in disuse and even some sections whose works were not completed, and that in the last 20 years have been recovered and conditioned by the institutions in collaboration with provincial and local administrations as well as with the help of associations and groups. The objective has been to bring these old forgotten sections back to life as they have great historical and cultural interest. The idea has been to focus them on ecotourism and convert them into paths and trails of a family nature, perfect for cyclists, hikers, horse riders and people with reduced mobility.

The Val de Zafán Greenway is ideal for families since the unevenness is low and can be traveled at any time of the year, since the temperatures in the area are not too extreme. However, it should be remembered that spring is one of the most beautiful times in Bajo Aragón, when the fruit trees bloom and the fields turn green, so our recommendation is to do it at that time. One of the great attractions of this Greenway is that it runs through numerous tunnels, something that only increases the excitement of touring the Val de Zafán by bicycle, on foot or on horseback. This is why it is advisable to be accompanied by a source of light since some tunnel sections are not currently illuminated.

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